Variety Pack Organic Pumpkin Seeds - 3 flavors

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Not convinced Skout will be your new favorite protein snack? If it's not, just send us the package and your receipt and we will give you a full refund. Yes, it's that good.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Skout Backcountry’s plant based expedition food provides powerful, organic nutrition. Our Oregon-grown organic pumpkin seeds come straight from a local family farm -- HUGE thanks to Pete and Tom! -- located in the rich fertile soils of the Willamette Valley.

The Skout Pumpkin Seeds Sampler includes two 2.2oz pouches of each flavor of pumpkin seeds: Spicy Texas Chili, Paraguayan Cane Sugar & Cinnamon and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

To review characteristics of specific flavors, please reference individual product descriptions.